AutoDome Workshop

Vehicle Servicing

Engine Oil change, Oil Flush, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Air Filter, Front & Rear Brake pads change etc.


Gear Work

Repairs of faults with the complete gear box, Gear box fiber, Calibrating & Reprogramming of gear, servicing of gear, etc


Wheel & Suspension

Repairs of faults such as Noise from wheels, faulty shock absorbers, Greasing of suspension, Wheel balancing & Alignment, Tyres maintenance etc.


Body work and Painting

Two types 1. Oven baked 2. Base(Auto Flex & Auto Cray). Repairs/Painting of scratches and dents on any part of the vehicle or replacement of damaged parts such as windscreen, front & rear bumper etc.


Heating & AC Repairs

Repairs and cleaning of air conditioners


Engine Work

Repairs of engine Jerking, malfunctioning Fuel Pump, Engine belt replacements , Engine failure et

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