Automobile Sales, Leasing and Loan

We sell all brands of automobiles, we sell both Brand new and foreign used.

Our brand new cars comes with manufacturer warranty and after service support while our foreign used cars comes with six months warranty and after service support. All our cars are properly sourced and with full duty payed. We encourage pre ordering, this always help our customers to save money because of the discount attached to it.

We have fleet of vehicles for lease that is fit for all purpose and well trained drivers with a minimum of 10yrs driving experience. Our drivers are well behaved, responsible, and trustworthy with a defensive driving training. All our vehicles carry comprehensive insurance with first aid and emergency repair kits.

We also have spare vehicles to cover for routine maintenance, unforeseen breakdown and circumstances.

We offer car financing, we partner with finical institution, that help us found for our customer’s choice of car, while our customer pays in installment.

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